xxxxxxxxxxx5 Prices draft

12 if at home
20 if ur place

DONATIONS ONLY > Money , Services, Objects : 

a, MONEY:  Suggestion: any 3 coins  ( a hat is passed round so no one knows who gives what) BUT fares must be covered shared out between participants **

b, SERVICES:   1 hour service for a 1 hour class ( eg help with admin., a Spanish class, a guitar class etc)

c, OBJECTS:  An object of same value as class (eg DVDs, food, etc.) . Second hand is just as good

Why 'donations only'?    I believe we all have the right to participate equally in life. However I feel money excludes people. I myself am often without enough money to participate in things and feel sad / angry. Therefore if u have enough then please help me pay my rent. If u don't u r still equally welcome with a hug and a smile :) !!

PS: Many people say those who have money won't give... I'm always happily surprised by how often those who have do actually give... and I would really like to say a big thanx to previous participants for making the 'donations only' system work...

PPS ... Food and Drink ( eg: biscuits and fruit juice)  always welcome in the sessions : ) !!

** i live in Raynes Park ( BR zone 4 - 1 stop after Wimbledon). My daily fare has to be covered by students ( eg £5.20 return to Waterloo)

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